OTR Trucking Jobs – Everything You Need To Know

Over the road trucking is a central pillar of transportation for industries across America, with drivers traveling long distances on assignments that can last weeks and months. This lifestyle brings life to goods being transported from one corner of the nation to another – no easy feat! Do you want to take your career down an untraveled road?

OTR driving is a demanding and fulfilling job, perfect for those with the personality necessary to cover thousands of miles across North America. This type of trucking may just be the ideal journey for someone looking for something distinct in their professional life.

Truckers are at once adventurers and supply-chain engineers, tackling challenging tasks while discovering new lands. Their commitment towards providing our products with safe delivery makes them true heroes in American industry today. If you’re looking for a job to help fuel your wanderlust, OTR trucking could be the ideal fit! After all, there’s no better way to take in stunning landscapes and experience unique digressions than from behind the wheel.

OTR drivers live a life of freedom and adventure, taking to their rigs for extended voyages across the nation. This grueling work demands long hours away from home with strict schedules and tight deadlines – but if you’re looking for an exciting career that offers independence on the open road, this job may be perfect!

Benefits of OTR Truck Driving Jobs

For those looking for a career with high demand and stability, Over-the-Road (OTR) truck driving can be an ideal choice. Trucking companies are always on the lookout for reliable drivers who bring passion to their team – offering competitive salaries, as well as various benefits and bonuses!

Long haul

With the goal of ensuring your safety and wellbeing, take into account that truck drivers have a regulated cap on their working hours. According to FMCSA rules, any driver is limited to 14 active hours in one day after having received 10 consecutive restorative off-duty hours – with only 11 of those actively spent driving.

You have the power to control your hours and restart each eight-day period with a 34 minute break – giving you flexibility in managing when and how often you work. Taking this time off allows for both work productivity and life balance, helping employees make their schedules fit best around them!

OTR drivers enjoy more than just a job – they get to explore the diverse landscapes across America and discover local flavors, culture, and vibrant cities. With every mile logged comes an opportunity for self-enrichment through meeting new people from different backgrounds and learning about their unique stories. Every journey is sure to be both memorable and rewarding!

Job security

Advancing your career as a truck driver provides an unparalleled level of security within the US workplace. With continued shortages in this industry, opportunities abound for those with relevant experience and impressive safety records – including higher salaries and lucrative bonuses to attract fresh talent.

See the country

If you’re ready to blaze some trails and experience the country in a whole new way, then long haul trucking jobs could be your calling. You’ll get an up-close look at different cultures and destinations around the US – not to mention all of wonderful food along the journey! So if you’re single, young, and wanting something unique out of life; why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity?

OTR driving jobs feature the potential for greater financial rewards than other types of trucking. Plus, many employers provide comprehensive benefits to make life on the road easier – including healthcare coverage and paid vacation time.


Rather than possessing a college degree, OTR truck drivers require only a Class A CDL to get on the road. Drivers can either attend an independent school and arrange employment afterwards or find initial work through one of many reputable companies offering paid training.

Driving is a privilege not to be taken lightly; no matter your age, you must acquire the proper training and licensing before hitting the open road. Companies also have their own specific requirements for drivers so make sure you’re informed of what these are prior to applying!

If you’re dreaming of hitting the open road as an Over-the-Road driver, be sure to familiarize yourself with your state’s requirements for a Commercial Driver License (CDL). You’ll need valid proof of identity and a spotless driving record – plus, demonstrate that you meet medical qualifications and pass both written and skills tests. Get ready: life on the highway awaits!

Securing your heavy vehicle license in certain states is a multi-step process; you must pay the road test fee, as well as complete an accredited trucking course to become professionally qualified.
Earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and open up expanded opportunities like hauling hazardous materials, tank vehicles, or transporting students. With a commercial learner’s permit in hand you can take the road skills test after just 14 days – seize this chance to maximize your driving potential!

With an official CDL, you’re ready for a world of possibilities in the OTR industry. Factors to consider before applying? Make sure your endorsements are up-to-date and that you live within the required area. You’ll be on route towards endless opportunities!

How much OTR drivers make?

For truckers, it’s not the hours that count but their productivity. OTR jobs reward drivers for how much ground they cover rather than time spent at the wheel – increasing miles means a bigger paycheck!

Truck drivers have seen their salaries skyrocket in recent years, making it an increasingly attractive career option. Today’s trucking industry offers many different opportunities to earn a great living-from carrying various loads to working with specific companies-so explore your options and find the right fit for you!

Experienced truck drivers can really cash in! According to labor data from 2021, those with more than five years of experience earned a median salary up to $73K. Most drivers are also seeing steady gains over time- the pay for newly qualified OTR Truck Drivers is nearly 20% higher compared to 2015 figures ($48,310 versus 40,260!).

Trucking companies are investing in the safety and success of their drivers. With lucrative sign-on bonuses to entice new hires, as well as incentives for good driving – such as safety bonuses – truckers can expect exceptional rewards when they join these businesses.

Challenges of OTR Trucking Jobs

OTR driving is a demanding job that requires extended periods of time away from home. Successful drivers must be prepared for the physical and emotional strain associated with long drives, as well as loading and unloading cargo. For those without families or other commitments, this can prove to be an exciting career opportunity; yet it’s not suitable for everyone.

OTR trucking careers can be difficult on a family as prolonged absences away from home often cause strain within relationships. This kind of work requires careful consideration for those with loved ones to support.

An abundance of alone time on the open roads can be tough for truck drivers, leading to burnout and longings for family. To combat this issue, many trucking companies are embracing an innovative approach – allowing families (and furry friends!) to come along with their driver!

Is it for you?

Are you up for the challenge of OTR trucking? Being an over-the-road driver offers a variety of potential benefits, but it also requires determination and grit. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then buckle up – success is within reach!

As a truck driver, you must be an experienced problem solver and time manager. Every journey poses its own distinct set of challenges; from navigating difficult traffic conditions to dealing with unplanned detours due to construction projects or special events – it’s all part of the job!

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. Don’t let it slip away! With smart planning and effective management of your daily routine, you can not only save yourself from hours of delays but also earn more with better mileage efficiency. Make sure to think out your game plan before every day – the rewards will be well worth it!

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving Jobs

Being an over-the-road driver may not be for everyone, but those drawn to this lifestyle will find it offers a unique freedom that few other vocations can. It requires being away from home for extended periods of time – up to 300 days in any given year – as you traverse the highways and byways delivering goods across America.

Are you looking for a career that offers the freedom of flexible hours and allows you to explore your personal schedule? Over-the-road driving may be just what you need. Not only can OTR drivers customize their own shifts, but they also have the opportunity to form lasting bonds with co-drivers while out on the road.

Long-haul drivers have the benefit of substantial freedom and independence – no two days on the road are ever alike! For those looking for an alternative to being confined in a cubicle or reporting to one office, this industry offers plenty of adventure.

Trucking companies

OTR truck driving is an incredible opportunity to explore the United States and its varying landscapes, from big cities to remote towns. Live out your wanderlust with a job that allows you to traverse the country in ways few people ever do – no vacation time required!

With the right OTR trucking company, your job can be smoother and more efficient than ever. We have put together a shortlist of reputable companies to help you make an informed decision.

Covenant Transport is an unbeatable option for any over-the-road driver, especially those interested in team driving. The company offers a match program and special bonuses to solo drivers wanting to partner up on the road! Plus, they provide generous pay bumps and benefits like home time guarantees – as well as options of both manual or automatic transmissions trucks. Don’t miss out on all this incredible value; drive with Covenant today!

Looking for a flatbed trucking company that has it all? Melton Truck Lines offers drivers the total package—competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits (including free on-site clinics and dentists!), great bonuses such as performance rewards and referral incentives, plus rider and pet programs. Join this Oklahoma powerhouse today!

Roehl Transport is a Wisconsin-based trucking company with 127 modern tractor trailers, offering exceptional benefits and the opportunity to customize your pay plan. Profit sharing, 401Ks, family & pet passenger options are just some of the great perks – plus you can choose between different route types! Enjoy hassle free trips that allow for 11 to 14 days on duty followed by 3 full days at home – or select an alternative that works best for you.

Revolutionize your CDL-A truck driving experience with Amazon Freight Partner. Join a diverse, thriving community of carriers and enjoy long-term success through an exclusive partnership with the global leader in ecommerce—Amazon! Explore our Class A driver opportunities today to start charting your course towards prosperity.

USA Truck is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, having served very successfully in transportation and logistics for over three decades. With competitive pay, bonus opportunities, comprehensive benefits packages and a commitment to your work-life balance -USA Truck has been setting standards as one of the top destinations not only for new but also experienced drivers alike. Take advantage of their experience today!


Being an over-the-road driver demands organizational prowess, responsibility, and self-discipline. Those behind the wheel must be equipped with not only exemplary driving skills to traverse any type of highway in all types of weather but also apt time management abilities for effective communication between dispatchers and other team members.

OTR driving offers those with an adventurous spirit the chance to discover all corners of our nation while still earning a reliable income. Whether it be soaking in picturesque views or conquering winding roads, this career path can bring great rewards – and many seek out its sense of independence. But before making such an important decision, one must consider all aspects and ensure they have both the necessary skillset as well as mindset for success on their journey ahead!

Are you looking to become an over-the-road (OTR) driver? Look no further! Applying for trucking jobs has never been easier. With sites such as CDLjobsLinker.com, researching and applying for OTR positions is a breeze – simply select the job that best fits your experience level, submit your application quickly online without needing to manually apply from one site or company to another; it’s all conveniently located in just one location!

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